How To Unlock Lg Rumor Free?


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To unlock the LG Rumor all you need to do is follow these steps: Type in ##3282## into your phone and then highlight the advanced option, press OK.

Select view and scroll down until you see something called lock code; press OK or menu again. Once you are at this stage then you can change it and you should have unlocked it successfully.

If these set of instructions do not work try going to a mobile shop and speak to the experts on hand who have years of experience in unlocking phones. If you take your LG Rumor mobile phone along then they may be able to assist you with unlocking it by using one of their own codes.

It is much better going to an expert rather than searching the Internet looking for an alternative as the majority of them will probably not work. You can always get in touch with LG who may be able to assist you with your query.

They could have a specific unlocking code that they may be able to provide you with or, as another solution, they may ask you to pay a small fee for an unlocking code. You can always send your phone back to LG and ask for a new phone but this will depend on whether you are under warranty and whether you have mobile phone insurance.
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You have to buy a code off of ebay or another website where they sell the unlocking coeds. I tried it before and my phone works great now. (:

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