How Do I Connect My Blackberry Bold To An LCD Projector So I Can Show PowerPoint Presentation? The Projector Has No USB Port, Only RCA And VGA Port.


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Apparently there are expensive projector devices out there that will achieve this, but not a standard LCD Projector.

You can however use a notebook PC and a free software program bbscreenstream, which will display on your PC screen what you have on your blackberry screen.

In order to run bbscreenstream requires JavaLoader.exe to be installed.
JavaLoader.exe can be downloaded from RIM as a component part of the BlackBerry JDE Component Package 4.2.0.

When you connect your Bold via your USB cable, bbscreenstream can be set to display on your Laptop, and then connect you laptop to a standard LCD projector.

The visual stream is not in real time (about a 3 second lag) and would not be suitable for video playback.

I know it's a little bit of a round the hoop solution but it works for me, hope this helps.


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