What Does Blackberry Mean?


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Blackberry is a shrub found in eastern US and Europe. It belongs to the genus Rubus and family Rosaceae. The blackberry shrub is also called 'bramble'. The branches of these shrubs are dense and arching. They possess sharp spines. Cultivars which are spineless have been produced. Blackberry plant can tolerate any soil and easily grows on wastelands and near buildings. Blossoms of blackberry are used in nectar production and produce medium to dark coloured honey.

These shrubs bear fruits which are black and soft. These fruits are called 'blackberries'; single fruit is termed 'blackberry'. This fruits is used in jams, desserts, and jellies (seedless). Sometimes this fruit is used in wine. The blackberry fruit is called berry in botanical language. This fruit is called aggregate fruit because it forms bundles of small fruits. The small fruits are called drupelets.

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