Why can't I find a match on Tinder?


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Finding a match on Tinder depends on three key things. I've managed to get quite a few matches (not bragging) by using what I like to call my "Tinder strategy", and I'm pretty sure you can do it too...

How to find matches on Tinder

Firstly, you need to understand the simple rule of matching on Tinder: You have to like someone that has liked you too.

But even if you swipe right on everyone you see on Tinder, getting people to do the same back is the tricky part.

So follow these rules and you WILL see the Tinder matches lining up.

1. Make sure your first picture is eye-catching.

Too many people make the mistake of making their first picture what they perceive as their 'best looking' one above all else.

While having an attractive photo is important, there are plenty of attractive people on Tinder. You really have to stand out from the crowd by adding something 'interesting' or 'eye-catching' in order to get people to warm to you.

2. Like things on Facebook.

You know those 'interests' that Tinder shows at the bottom of each profile? Those are based on things you have liked on Facebook.

And guess what! People actually pay attention to that stuff when trying to decide whether they like someone.

The real trick is to try and like things you think the opposite sex will be impressed by, but also things that could be potential conversation starters. Cool movies or music are great, as are past-times like 'going to the gym' or 'cycling'.

3. Top secret tactic for getting matches on Tinder

Believe it or not, the main trick I have found helps me is to NOT focus on what people LIKE, but rather learning how to AVOID the things that people DON'T LIKE on Tinder.

Watch this video and you'll see exactly what I mean about putting people off matching with you on Tinder:

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Cannot answer messages from matches. When I click on their icon to answer,the app keeps closing. Have tried various things including logging off,deleting app and reinstalling,clearing app cache,turning phone off. I phone 4 with up to date software installed. Had been perfect for weeks until today.

Any other ideas please?

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