How Can I get Facebook fans/likes?


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Yo Kass answered

Inviting people to your page, engaging in other social media and promoting your page, putting a widget on your website to get people who visit your site to also like your page on FB, allocating a budget for Facebook advertising... There are many ways.

What I've discovered recently is that, if you're running a Facebook page for your business, it is no longer a "free advertising channel".

You have either to allocate a lot of time or money to making Facebook pages grow, and even then Facebook restricts your reach and could pull the plug on everything you've built at any time.

If you could give me some info as to exactly what kind of Facebook page you're thinking about running, maybe I can suggest some more effective solutions?

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Ray Dart answered

I try desperately to avoid making Facebook friends.

I once clicked on "Find Friends" and Facebook responded with "Sorry Ray, you just don't have the knack."


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Ruth Rodriguez , Answering on every query.., answered

Be humorous. Alright, so this is often hard guidance to place into exercise, particularly if humor is not your powerful suit. But as stated prior to, people continue Facebook to become amused, so in case you can post some thing that can make somebody laugh, and even smile, you may be handsomely compensated with likes.

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