Is minecraft really on pspgo now? If so how much for it? And does pspgo let you go on internet browser?


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  • Minecraft and PSP Go
Unfortunately for the very many fans of PSP Go, a developer has announced that Minecraft will not be available on the PSP Go anytime in the foreseeable future, choosing instead for it to remain on Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play.

  • PSP Go and the Internet
PSP Go will, however, allow you to connect to the Internet using its built in Wi-Fi, making downloading many popular movies, comics, television shows and much more from the online PlayStation Store extremely easy and accessible for everybody who wants to be able to take advantage of this feature. You will also be allowed to join in and play a number of multiplayer games online, which is something that is becoming increasingly popular.

Multiplayer games gives you the opportunity to share your gaming experiences with people who have similar interests to you, and so make the experience so much better.

  • About the PSP Go
Released in October 2009, the PSP Go is Sony's answer to Nintendo's hand-held console, the DS, and it can safely be said that, in terms of features, it is far superior to its competitor.

With its 16GB hard drive, the PSP Go allows for ease of gaming wherever you are; games can be downloaded on the go removing any need for bulky disks or SD cards, especially so considering the range that Sony provides via their Internet store. Should you find yourself running out of room though, there is always the Micro TM memory stick available to give you more.

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