I need a call and tex history of my metro?


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A detailed, itemized call and text history for your Metro PCs phone can be found in the 'My Account' section of www.metropcs.com Many other cell phone network providers include a similar service, partly due to the fact that paper billing is being phased out to save on costs and decrease the environmental impacts of big corporations.

  • Metro PCs
Metro PCs is one of the most popular cell network providers in the United States, currently ranking 8th in terms of size, with more than 8 million subscribers. Formerly known as General Wireless, its full name is MetroPCS Communications incorporated. Its network uses primarily CDMA technology, and it is also one of only a few providers in the US which offers true 4G LTE data services to its customers.

The company has become extremely popular due to its wide coverage (90% of the American population) and no-contract plans. The network offers plans at $40, $45, $50 and $60 price points. Each include unlimited text messages, data upload and download, and access to the 411 directory service. The number of minutes and other features available to the customer depends on which price point they choose.

There are a number of handsets available for use with the Metro PCs network, with Samsung creating the most notable - the 'Craft 4G', which combines 4G data speeds with the company's proprietary AMOLED screen technology.

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