How Much Do Tokens Cost On My Free Cams?


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When you sign up for My Free Cams, you'll need to buy tokens to reward people for putting on shows. If you decide to buy tokens, you'll have a choice of certain batch amounts you can buy at one time - for example, 200 tokens will cost $19.99.

  • Batch Rates

If you want to get more tokens, you can choose the 550 token batch for forty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. If you want 900 tokens, you can buy them for seventy-four dollars and ninety-nine cents. As you may have deduced, the more you buy, the lower the rate per token. The smallest batch goes for ten cents a token. The medium batch sells for nine cents per token, and the biggest batch sells for eight cents per token. If you plan to use the service a lot, and you really want tons of tokens to play with, it's advisable to choose the biggest batch, since you'll save money.

  • Choose carefully

However, if you don't use the site a lot because you're really busy, you may never work your way through that many My Free Cams tokens, so it may be wiser to choose the medium or small batch to start with. You can always buy a bigger batch next time if everything works out and you really enjoy the features this popular website provides.

These sites can be addictive, so it may be wise to use your tokens as a way to ration how much time you spend watching shows. For example, limit yourself to thirty tokens per week, or something like that, and make sure you dole them out properly. Remember that these sites sometimes foster a sense of being close to others, even though you don't know them. While these infatuations can be fun, they may also turn into obsessions, so it's wise to monitor your own usage of the site. Keep it fun and light-hearted, and don't get too emotionally invested.
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Just tried a "generator" of free tokens that I found online. It didn't work, so I'm back to square one here... sorry i can't help out

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