How To Become A Premium Member On For Free?


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If you wish to join the online adult webcam community and get a premium membership for free, you may be misunderstanding the point of the website. allows you to either use a guest account whilst you are visiting the site, where you can visit some of the webcam chats and see the girls, yet you cannot use your own webcam to join in with the fun. If you want to access the full potential of the website and gain your own little perks from the it, you'll need to sign up and get your own username. The extras you will gain from joining the site are:

• Special features which include access to The Lounge which is a member's only room where you can use special controls to allow you to watch any live model, even when you are talking to other members.

• You can archive your conversations with other members and the girls, to read back at any time you like. Your private shows are also recorded in video format for you to watch back at any time. This means that there's never going to be a moment where you don't have access to material from your favourite girls.

• You also have a private gallery of images from your favourite girls which you can access whenever you want. The more you use the site, the more images you will accumulate. You can also get random images of random models that are sent to your folders when you use the site.

• You also get notifications sent to your inbox that tell you when your favourite models have been active on the site so that you never miss a chance for a private show. This way, you can see your favourite girls at a time that is suitable for you.

Unfortunately, to become a premium member on you have to have bought tokens at least once. However even if you only buy tokens just once you actually get premium membership for life and so it may well be worth the small one-off fee.

The smallest number of tokens you are able to purchase, and therefore get premium membership for, is $19.99. You can use these tokens or credits to have private shows with one of the cam girls or you can simply donate them to a girl in the public shows. Most girls on charge around $1.99 per minute for a private or group show. Therefore you can get about 10 minutes of private action for your minimum top up. do however have a policy of, if you are not happy with the money you have spent and don't believe it was worth the fee, if you contact their customer service, which can be found on the website, then they will refund you.

I suppose this could be classed as a way of getting premium membership for free but I wouldn't recommend going down this route as they might not grant you the membership after they have refunded you; or everyone would end up trying it.

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