How Can I Be A Member For Free On Fantage?


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Olivia Pope answered
Here are some accounts I have for fantage:
Usernames:                Passwords:
Imcoolcoolcool     -      imcool1
wickywicky8        -      0987654321
kesha_6464         -      rihana1
doda20114           -      5551955
tillyrock8              -      tilly8
sparkle_lilly          -      sparkle1
gatewaydsi           -      useme123
happy22778          -      cool123
selinagomez72465 -      katyyy1
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Tiffany Golden answered
I don't think you can get a membership free but sum ppl do by having a high level or sumthing or you can be on the comet and win a contest or watever but I think you have to be on the comet at least that's what my friend told me
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kyann jelly answered

Hi today i have a free account just email me and you can get it also its a member so just email me to get it [email protected]

Lacey Yshoulditellyou Profile
Actualy I have 2 but you must contact this email adress and say you want it or give me your old one so I know you wont ban it!! 4 get email adress find me on fantage today I'm hope015
the accounts are 1 boy and 1 girl
boy   Girl
Brett5909   IceQueen7767
 only today december 31 and jan 1 after that I'm keeping and abandoning these
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Anonymous answered
Hello if someone sees Rockstar1988 THATS MY ACCOUNT someone stole it and beg her to change it back and I will give it to you.
50 shirts,47 pants,78 outfits,61 costumes,30 shoes,81 boards,55 accesories, level 765,
57 hair
p:I don't know someone stole it duh! I will give it to you if you beg her to change it back
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User user_1236
pass supsup60
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You can but It would be illegal so don't try because you would have to hack or use a illegal trainer
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Melissa jordon answered
I have a free fanatge account username: Handsomedan password:pinbug101 or 123456789 or password4me this is real hope you like him!!
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Okay there is one way hacking right?? Go to fantage membership hack in goggle just that and a way this is non recommended way is go to youtube and find fantage membership hack an pretty ugly way is go to bugmenot fantage on goggle
sorry I'm not too helped you maybe it just work a few thanks and bye!
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Why dont you stop being lazy and just buy it and then you cant get in trouble duh!
Its the only way otherwise your just stupid
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I have one but its no a member


  please enjoy it
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Hey you know rockstar1988 she told her account on youtube and me sorry it wasn't me that stole your password I'm serious not joking I was playing on your character and I'm dala5 that was talking to you so really I love you account but I'm sure more people play on it so your account character is so> FANTASTIC!<  but I have stopped using it because I thought you changed it! So thats why I have stopped playing and giving stars to you I can not find out your password...And sorry about your account oh and I never go in your house I wonder how fantage looks like now because I can't click on any servers at all! And thats the other point I can't pla on my avatar anymore!:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((...!
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I have an account with a bunch of stuff! I have one girl one boy, they r both members and have everything.

SHE is:
password: 123456789

HE is:
Username: Hesaidheadd
password: 123456789

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