Is A Scam Site?


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Been on the site for almost 2 years as a premium member.  I've only heard a couple complaints from models and that was for a slow check.  Models that can keep 50 or more ppl in their room during their shift can pay their bills especially in currency poor countries like Romania.  My one friend refuses to do anything but strip and has about 50 to 70 ppl in her room and is able to pay her bills living in Los Angeles.  There are a few girls who appear underage trying to sneak on from the Philipines and if reported MFC has banned them.    At least after I reported them they weren;t on any more.  Some of the top models are making $8,000 a month and I have screen shots of one model getting 18,000 coin tip at once and a steady 1,000 coins on her birthday.  She drives a Lexus. 
So say it's immoral if you want but don't say there isn't money being made by the models.  I haven't been cheated on my credit card and never heard a lounge lizard complain of cheating.  It's too good a business for  MFC to screw around with. 
The only scams you can find are ppl trying to pass a virus or siphon members to another less successful web site and these things are dealt with by admins quickly.

So not a scam any more than another profitable regular internet site.
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I am a model on MFC (Briella...just come ask) and I think it's a great site. I actually DO make around 50 dollars an hour. I know several girls that make more. I also know several more that make less. It's all on what you're willing to do. MFC doesn't force *anyone* to do something they are uncomfortable with. I get a direct deposit to my bank account, without fail, twice a month.

As for the members, it's one of the few sites that is truly free. You can watch and not pay. However, many decide to become premium members to get more attention and one on one time with the models. Even so, from what I've been told, it's one of the least expensive sites on the net for this type of business.

If you think you've been scammed, chances are you have done something stupid (client) or have the personality of a wet noodle (model).
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Along with the points in the answers from ‘Micheal’ and the anonymous ‘studio’ owner, without a doubt ‘YES’ My Free Cams is most definitely a scam.  All you have to do to confirm this is look over the contract they have their models sign.  The contract is full of insane terms and conditions that require the model to sign over the rights to their image on the internet and does so with prejudice and unspecific terms in many areas of how they can control the agreement with the model while also having absolutely no liability for any wrong doing.
I have shown the My Free Cams contract to three different commercial law firms, the ACLU and three adult website owners.  All have been absolutely disgusted at the contract and have assured me that a person would have to be entirely devoid of conscience to even create such a document with the intention of having another human being sign it.  Likewise a person signing this contract would have to be entirely insane and have no knowledge of ethical contracting principals. 
Their contract doesn’t even define specifically how the model will be paid.  This “token” system they use does not specify the actual value of the tokens (as a previous answer tried to claim).  In the my free cams contract they point out that the value of these ‘tokens’ can be changed at any time, for any reason and the pay out to the model is actually under an entirely different agreement with a third party they refer to as a ‘studio’ which actually does an entirely different agreement that doesn’t even have to be a written contract or employment.  These “studios” actually handle the liability for final payment to the model outside the My free Cams agreement.
Another aspect of the My Free Cams contract is that they require the model to handle all the 2257 liability so if the model DOES happen to be under age there is no real liability that My Free Cams has to worry about.  The system of handling the 2257 documentation can also be complex and costly of the model is ever asked by the federal government to provide it.  More often the models do not understand how to do this as My free cams does not provide any aid.  False Age identification can be very easily given to my free cams as they do not claim liability for it and if the model does happen to be under age the contract releases them from any wrong doing.
One aspect of contracting with my free cams which points out how unfair and potentially dangerous their contract can be to a model is that they threaten unreasonable and entirely illicit punishments if the model seeks outside advice about the contract. 
If they will not even allow you to show any other person or a lawyer the contract for a second opinion, it is obviously because the contract is NOT fair. 
Of all the adult webcam sites I have seen NONE offer fair contracting.  My free cams, streammates, camsharks, ,, on her cam are also others to avoid.
The only real money I’ve seen made by cam models is when they own their own websites and use their own camming and paysite software, which are actually very easy and cheap to get these days.
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Sorry, but the Internet does not force anyone to buy anything. You are free to leave MFC or participate, and for free or pay for attention. It is up to you. No one ties your hand or tricks your brain into typing in your credit card number or from staying on the website. You are not scammed, tricked, or coerced into buying anything. Same for any contract you sign. If you don't like it, don't sign it and participate. 

And sorry, anyone that signs anything without legal councel deserves to be taken advantage of. That's the nature of the game in any business or job where you sign over rights to participate. 

Its common knowledge that MFC is always being sued or taken to court over this or that simply because of all the risks dealing with the industry they are in and the people that are attracted to it. 

Imagine running a business where one girl or the federal government or the state or the IRS could come after you for millions of dollars? So Caveat Emptor...

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I think the original question was asked from a customers prospective not a models, and the short answer to the question is yes. I would class it as a scam site because of the way they help the girls in trying to obtain money, an example is the stupidly excessive fake tipping that you dont see too much of on other camsites, although this seems to be changing now as other sites adopt this scam.

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The site is for 50 years old virgins some don't got any braincells and when they are giving some tokens to the ugly model do they think they are something worth. Just watch some normale porn don't be retarded and watch on a girl like me in 5 hours for stripping.

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