What Is The Best Website To Find Cheap Air Flights?


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Lots of them advertise but all around I have found that Southwest.com is far better than any of the cut rate promised websites.  I've been scheduling trips for years and years, and honestly I would never again use Priceline.com, Travelocity or any of those.  If Southwest is available where you are, you will do better there, almost surely.  For one thing, there is no problem with rescheduling if you miss your flight, often at no extra cost, no charge for 2 checked bags, and because they bought their fuel at a locked in price before it went sky-high (no pun intended) the tickets themselves are cheaper.  I would never go any other route when SW is available to me.
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This question may be a bit out of date, but I have had some luck using sites like Flights24 as well as the obvious ones such as Expedia. I wonder if the big name websites aren't as cheap as everyone thinks, so I shop around.
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There are a lot of such sites on the internet, and I've tried a few others, and the best for me is europe fly. Buying tickets on the internet can save you up to 30 percent, and that site allows you to save even more money. There I can find tickets to any destination for a reasonable price. For example, last month I visited five countries in Europe, and spend on tickets less than 70 Euros. And there is no secret scheme, only a proven service and buying tickets in advance.

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you must try www.yatra.com It is one of the best website to Find cheap Air Flights

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