Is There Any Site That Offer Free Online Plagiarism Checking?


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Although there are many sites that offer Plagiarism Checking but most of the site allow you to check content after it has been uploaded. As I have some personal experience in content writing so I can suggest one site which offers Free Online Plagiarism Checking before you have uploaded your content. On this website you can search on multiple search engines, that included Google, Yahoo and Msn.

Here is the web address:
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Free is not always good, in fact think again why on earth would somebody offer you services like turnitin for free?

When getting something without paying for it, consider that the other side is getting something from you. Just like Facebook, sure it's free but the site holds all of your personal information and preferences making it the best marketing database of clients in the world.

When it comes to plagiarism checking tools the free ones usually do store your work. I've heard of the websites which store huge databases and sell the work that was previously checked "for free".

Thus plagiarism is create due to selling your original work.

So I'd rather spend a quarter of a dollar on checking my work than giving it to someone to sell it as their own. 

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My undergraduate research experience started with my project with Dr. Amer Lahamer. I tried to replicate the finding of Journal of Biomedical optics.  In this research , I studied the linear polarization and optical rotation of lasers . A multiple scattered light  through a biological tissue yields  several experimental observables such as optical rotation and the degree of (linear, circular) polarization . These observables can be used to characterize turbid media such as noninvasive detection of chiral glucose molecules in turbid biological tissues. My experiment was to quantify the surviving linear polarization fraction and the optical rotation imposed upon a linearly polarized light beam which was passed through a reference solution. The current sugar content detection for diabetic patients requires extraction of blood and my project could eliminate the pain of blood extraction that patients experience.   This interested me and I realized that my project could be possibly be put into a positive application.  Though I was not able to start on doing the original research, I worked on fixing the detector and understanding the operation of other instruments.  From this project I learned to realize the physical capacity of a researcher and to be more realistic about future projects. The physical capacity includes funding, time, efficiency and possibility.
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