What Is Cadbury Company Vision And Mission Statement?


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  • Cadbury's Mission Statement
You will be able to find Cadbury's vision and mission statement on this site, as well as a wealth of other information about the company:

  • Adherence to the Mission Statement

Cadbury's is among the biggest purveyors of chocolate internationally, and it is their adherence to the ethos of its mission statement that has brought this about. The company resolves to produce quality and is committed to continuous improvement to make sure that what they promise is delivered.

  • Worldwide Cadbury's

Although the company is based in the Midlands in Britain, Cadbury's has factories across the world: Yet again, a testimony to the resolve to make good its mission statement.

The company has factories in AU, NZ, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India, Poland, as well as across Africa. It also operates smaller subsidiary businesses in Germany, France, Spain, Holland and Argentina, and holds franchise understandings with businesses in Canada and the United States.

In many of these countries, Cadbury's is the leading confectionary brand.

  • History of Cadbury's

The Cadbury's company began life in a modest grocer's in the UK in the 1820s by Quaker, John Cadbury. The most popular item that he sold was cocoa, which made Mr Cadbury make chocolate.

The success of this enterprise led John Cadbury and brother, called Benjamin, to form the Cadbury Brothers business, and in the 1850s they were awarded a Royal Warrant as producers for Queen Victoria, an accolade that the company still holds for the monarchy today.

John Cadbury's sons Richard and George took over the company in the 1860s, and five years later introduced a new way of pressing cocoa butter to form the essence of cocoa. They introduced a variety of different chocolates and began, for the first time to sell assortments in boxes that had attractive designs and pictures depicted on them.

In 1905, the now iconic Cadbury's Dairy Milk was launched, which is now the company's flagship product.

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