What Is Nestle's Vision And Mission Statement?


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Nestles’ Vision: “At Nestlé, we believe that research can help us make better food so that people live a better life. Good Food is the primary source of Good Health throughout life. We strive to bring consumers foods that are safe, of high quality and provide optimal nutrition to meet physiological needs. In addition to Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Nestlé products bring consumers the vital ingredients of taste and pleasure.  As consumers continue to make choices regarding foods and beverages they consume, Nestlé helps provide selections for all individual taste and lifestyle preferences.  Research is a key part of our heritage at Nestlé and an essential element of our future. We know there is still much to discover about health, wellness and the role of food in our lives, and we continue to search for answers to bring consumers Good Food for Good Life”(vision, n.d.)
The Mission of Nestle: “Nestlé strives to be a leader in nutrition, health and wellness, with the belief that  good food is central to health and wellness. At the Nestlé Research Center, nutrition research meets food innovation to bring consumers of all ages and stages of life, foods and beverages that contribute to health and wellness, while offering remarkable taste and convenience”
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The vision and mission of Nestle Corporation utilizes core values rather than the traditional mission statement. Core Values:  Nestlé USA's core values are the principles we want to characterize our culture. People:  People from all diverse backgrounds are our most important asset and the source of our competitive advantage. We operate in teams where we expect and reward responsible risk taking. Quality:  We are dedicated to continuous improvement in the food safety and quality of every product we make and in every activity we perform. Brands:  Our strong brands ensure the continuity of our growth and profitability. Their support is every associate's responsibility. Consumers:  Our reason for being is to understand, anticipate and best fulfill our consumers' needs. Customers:  We appreciate and support the critical role our customers play in getting our brands to the consumer while working closely together to achieve mutual value. Performance:  Exceed total Company High Performance Targets (HPT's) for RIG, Organic Growth and EBITA.

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