What Is The Mission And Vision Of The Unilever Philippines?


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The mission of the Unilever Philippines Company is to provide health and personal care products, as well as food goods, from a range of brands in such a way to act with the highest levels of corporate behavior. Aspects the company consider to be vitally important include those of keeping the environment clean using modern production and transport processes, and investing in science and technology to develop new products as well as more efficient development processes.

The company Unilever Philippines' vision is to touch the lives of regular Filipino's by providing great value products of a high quality standard. The company aims to improve the lifestyles of individuals and increase their sense of wellbeing. As well as making people look and feel good, Unilever Philippines looks towards the future by producing sustainable development techniques. It also hopes to expand its customer base by adopting more brands, making these brands more eco-friendly.

  • Reducing the impact on the environment
One of the main goals of Unilever Philippines is to reduce the negative impact on the environment from industrial development techniques. This involves minimizing the quantities of harmful gases released into the air and reducing toxic emissions into the rivers and seas. In addition, the company considers it important to create new ways of functioning without the use of unsustainable fuels, as these are set to run out in the next few decades.

  • Good business techniques
Unilever Philippines also has the primary concern of maintaining good business techniques, which involves both dealing with partners effectively and providing high levels of customer and client service. This is essential if the company is to survive in the long run and sustain a positive image.

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