What Is The Mission Statement For Cabela's Outdoor Adventures?


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Cabela's Outdoors Adventures promises to cut out the hard work that goes into planning a hunting trip. They strive to offer an unforgettable outdoor adventure, which maximizes the potential for seeing wild game.

Cabela's Outdoors Adventures mission statement

  • Cabela's Outdoors Adventures assure their customers that they have the most highly trained staff who will ensure maximum safety on any trip
  • The experienced staff will also impart their wisdom, know how to handle any situation, and give customers an enjoyable trip, even if there is no trophy to bring home
  • They promise that each trip will be a unique experience, and an opportunity to have a rewarding outdoor holiday
  • Customers will be provided with the highest quality equipment 
  • They strive to cut out the middle man, and provide their customers with everything they need to have a high quality fishing and hunting experience

You can watch  the video below which explains from the horse's mouth what Cabela's Outdoors Adventures is all about.

Of course a company's mission statement is important, but personally I'd also do some research to find out how their customers found their experience. You can usually find reviews on travel forums, and these opinions will often be more honest.

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anne roberts answered

Cabela's Outdoor Adventures keeps you moving from one moment to the
next, not unlike modern first-person shooters and their systems of
successive checkpoints. Checkpoints are also used, so if you botch a
shot and a particular target gets away, you can rewind things and go
for it again from the last automatic save point you passed. It's a
faster, more fun take on traditional video game hunting, and as a core
concept the idea of moving from one critical moment to the next, one
after another, works well.

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