What Is The Corporate Vision And Mission Of Dabur As An FMCG Company In Pakistan?


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Started in 1884, Dabur has its presence in more than 50 countries, its products gaining worldwide recognition and acknowledgement. Moreover its diversified portfolio has enabled it to explore different avenues of opportunities and availing the very best of each market. Nevertheless despite of this protean diversification in product portfolio, Dabur has a very focused outlook, something that encumbers it from losing its base and deviating from its path. Being dedicated to the wealth and well being of every household, Dabur has just commenced its operations in Pakistan. Its corporate vision is to establish Dabur as a true Multinational Company with a strong professional culture. Moreover it encourages empowerment amongst the personnel and strengthens them enough for them to hold themselves accountable for their actions.

As for the business vision, it revolves around the notion of achieving Brand Equity in herbal and natural based categories with vitality and health. In short, Dabur's main focus is on the phenomenon of Ayurvedic that talks about products made from roots, herbs and animal skin, which are nature-based.

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