How Do I Close A Dialog Box On My Computer?


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Click the close button, marked X, at the very top right, or just highlight the cursor over the word ‘close’ if the option is given.

As the name implies, a dialog box serves to initiate a dialog with the user. It is a window that pops up on the screen with options that the user can select. After the selections have been made, the user can typically click ‘OK’ to enter the changes or ‘Cancel’ to discard the selections. It is customary for menu options that include an ellipsis at the end, such as ‘Preferences...’ or ‘Save As...’, to open a dialog box when selected, as it can bring up a number of options.

As an example, if a user selects ‘Internet Options...’ from the Options menu in Internet Explorer, a dialog box will pop up allowing the user to choose the default home page, change the security settings, empty the browser cache, and modify several other settings. Once the selections have been made, the user can click ‘OK’ to use the new settings, or ‘Cancel’ to discard the changes. Some Windows programs also have an ‘Apply’ option that activates the selections without closing the dialog box.

When a user selects ‘Open...’ from the File menu, an ‘Open dialog box’ appears, allowing the user to browse the hard drive and other disks for files to open. When ‘Save As...’ is chosen from the File menu, a ‘Close dialog box’ pops up, allowing the user to type the name of the file and choose where to save it.

While dialog boxes may not seem too exciting, they provide an intuitive way to communicate with the computer and are an essential part of today's computer interfaces. Office applications were not designed for unattended execution, so an application that automates Office may sometimes encounter a dialog box displayed by the Office application. From normal testing of the application, you can usually determine which dialog boxes occur and write your code to avoid those particular dialogs boxes.
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I have a hp pavilion pc can't find the dialog box to close let alone know what it is. Help
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I see all your ads but where is the answer to the question HOW TO CLOSE THE DIALOG BOX ??????
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Went to open a file and they said I can't because the dialog box is opened----how do I close it
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You might have opened some dialog box of any other file; new file will be opened after closing that. You have not told which application is showing you this error.

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