How do I get closed captain on my hitachi tv?


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Find "settings" and search under that. But some remotes have  CC button. But with High Def input to television, the television does not recognize the close caption in the feed and must have a close caption button on the remote for high defination to turn on it's close caption in the feed and not through the television circuits.
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Harold Scheid
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Please tell me how.
Harold Scheid
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I have a old magnavox also but I jist push the mute button once and that works find.
Jil Blue
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With out being there to access your menu on your television, I can not. If you have a normal cable feed (not Hi def) I don't understand why your remote won't turn it on. If it is Hi Def feed, the cable box company should tell you how to turn it on through the feed with the remote they gave you. Sorry that is all I can do.

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