How Do I Get Closed Captioning On Att U-verse?


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You will need to take the Uverse remote control and make around 20 button clicks. This will disable and enable Closed Captioning. This is the operation that is necessary to do the above, but if you want to turn it off, you will need a further two or three clicks. This will turn it off, find the menu and find closed captioning.

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If you want to learn more about this, then have a look at this site:;topic=11856.0. This is a forum where different people are discussing Uverse.

  • What is closed captioning?
This is a way of showing text on a screen such as a television or some other display so that more information can be given. An example of closed captioning are the sub-titles that we can choose to have on our television screens should we wish to.

Sub-titles can be used for a number of reasons, and they can either be verbatim or a transcript of what is actually going on. They can also include things that are not verbal, such as giving an indication that there is some other sound going on, such as dogs barking or sirens in the background.

This is necessary so that someone who is watching the screen, and who either cannot hear the dialog and all other sounds, or who has to have the sound muted for whatever reason, can get the full effects of whatever is going on as much as is possible.

  • Why are they called closed captions?
The reason why they are given this name is because the viewer has the option of having them on the screen. Captions that are visible to all viewers, such as those that give a reporter's name and destination in news bulletins, for example are called open captions.

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