We Have A Vizio Tv. How Do We Get The Closed Caption To Work?


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In order to get the closed captioning to work on your Vizio TV there are three simple steps that you should carry out. First, locate the ‘REMOTE MENU button on your remote control in order to bring up the menu screen on your television. Within this menu you should then select the ‘SETUP icon by pressing the right arrow. The ‘SETUP’ menu will have a list of television settings that can be altered and you should use the down arrow on your remote to go as far as the option that says ‘CC CAPTION’. Pressing the right arrow on your remote will then allow you to select from the number of different caption options. ‘CC1’ will then put English subtitles to coincide with the programme that you are watching. The other numbered ‘CC’ options will correlate to other languages, so if you want closed captions in a language other than English, look through these to find the one you are after. If you are having real difficultly setting up the closed captioning on your Vizio television then you should consult the guide that came with the device. If you no longer have access to your television manual then try contacting someone from Vizio who should be able to talk you through the process.

Closed captioning (CC) was introduced onto television sets to allow deaf and hard of hearing or hearing impaired individuals to be able to read a transcript or dialogue of the audio portion of a film, video or other presentation. Closed captioning can also be used by people learning English as an additional language, people first learning how to read or people in a noisy environment. As the video plays on the television, text captions are displayed that transcribe, although not always perfectly, what is said. The captions also detail who is speaking the words and indicates other relevant sounds and has symbols for intonation and singing.
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I had no problem getting cc to work until we switched to a HDMI box from Mediacom. We haven't been able to access it since.  I read on other tech sites that many have problems with cc and HDMI.  Any ideas?

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Right arrow to SETUP icon.
Down Arrow to CC Caption and right arrow to CC1.

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