How Can I Get Sony Universal Remote To Work With Insignia Digital Converter?


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Try the other method that all universal TV remotes have, turn on the selector, and keep hitting power  until the TV turns on, once it does press save or enter or whatever the instructions say....
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Ok i have had it with the Bad star rating phantom, im not answering anymore questions for a week hopefully the admins figure it out, if not ... then I'm leaving blurtit cause this is malarky.. i take plenty of time out of each day to provide good answers and humor to the community of Blurtit, and im sick and tired of the bad ratings...
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Know what you mean kmo. Nascar and 3rd-maw were hit by the same guy yesterday with the bad rating thing. It just doesn't seem right that someone who really doesn't read the question properly as in Nascarnuts' case or as in 3rd-maws case, looked like the guy just plain didn't know what he was talking about, but gave him a bad rating and a stern comment. I have known 3rd for many years and know that he never gives an answer unless he is sure of what he is talking about. He doesn't take his answers lightly.
I noticed that it took only ONE Bad rating and FOUR wow ratings brought nascars answer up to Good. I think the rating system needs some adjustments.
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Phillips Universal remote model#SRU4208WM uses the code 0267 for the Insignia Digital converter box. Give it a try on your sony.

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