I Have A "Motorola 1056b01" Remote That Came With The Motorola Cable Box. I Need The Code To Program It To My "Emerson Blc320em9bj" I Have Gone Thru All The Codes Provided On The Site At Www.urcsupport.com And None Have Worked. Do You Know Of Correct?


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Turn your device(Emerson Blc320em9bj) off
Press the matching device key(AUD for audio system, TV for TV, etc)
Hold 'setup' until the device key selected blinks twice
Press power on the remote then enter the keys '9,9, and 1'
Repeatedly press channel up on the remote until your device turns on
Once the device has accepted the code(turned on) press setup once more to save it
the remote should now have limited control over the device
(note: If the device turned on and you saved the code but your remote is no longer able to control the device or turn it off, it is possible you may have pressed 'CH. Up' again after the device has turned on. To fix this, repeat the steps but this time go slower when clicking 'CH. Up')

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