What Is Code For Motorola Cable Interactive Digital Communication Box For Jumbo Universal Remote?


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You can find the code that will allow your jumbo remote to work in unison with your TV set quite easily by carrying out the following steps.

  • Step 1
The first thing that you need to do is turn on your TV set and digital box. However, make sure you do this manually as not to confuse the various remotes. Once it has turned on completely then you should prepare to use the jumbo remote control.

  • Step 2
Now you're ready to find the code. In order to find the code you need to hold and press the button that states 'code search'. When you see a red light on the front of the remote appear then you should release the 'code search' button, but do not release it until you see the indicator light. The red light should remain lit if you have done this correctly.

  • Step 3
Next, choose the corresponding button on your remote for the device you want to link it to. This will usually be 'TV' or 'DVD' and so on. Choose the right device button and press it while waiting for the light to start flashing.

  • Step 4
Once this has happened you should continue to press and let go of the 'on/off' button but make sure you do this slowly otherwise the device will not respond. If you do this at the right speed then your device will turn itself off.

  • Step 5
When it has completely turned off you should locate the 'enter' button on your remote and press it while waiting for the red light to go off. Your remote should now be programmed to the device.

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