How Can We Run Java Program By Command Prompt? Give Answer In Steps Please?


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Ram Kumar Profile
Ram Kumar answered
You may run program with 2 types..
1: After installing the java, save your coding in the bin file which is in the c:
After that go to command prompt
then go to the bin location then compile the coding by using the keyword javac and then run.
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Anonymous answered
Open your command prompt
give the path as in your system as c:javabinjdk1.6
then write javac
then java filename
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nick dome answered
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Yusuf Lokhanwala Profile
How to set path..??
Gopinath Sundaram Profile
Here are the steps :
*  Open the command prompt
* Set Path as 'C:\Program FilesJavabin"
*use the command -> java  here filename is the absolute path of the Java file you want to compile
*then to run use javac

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