How To Program VIZIO HDTV On A ATT UVERSE Universal Remote Control?


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If you are looking to make the most out of your AT&T UVERSE universal remote control, you should be patient as you configure the technology so it is compatible with your VIZIO HD television. If you’re having trouble understanding the instructions provided in the manuals of your TV set, as well as the guidelines provided in the packaging of your universal remote control, there is another way to make the most out of this great entertainment gadget. Firstly, you need to ensure that you have both the remote control and the TV to hand.

You should bear in mind that there are limits in place to ensure that no random universal remote control can take control of your electrical appliances. Once you have turned both the TV and the signal receiver for the remote on, the next challenge is to take the AT&T UVERSE handset and to press both the ‘TV’ and the ‘OK’ button simultaneously. After holding this position for a few seconds, you also need to stop pressing both buttons at the same time, too.

The remote control has indicators to show that the programming has been successful. If you have done this correctly, the top of the remote will begin to flash intermittently. At this point, type in the code ‘1343’ to ensure that the TV and the UVERSE handset are linked together permanently.

Your only challenge now is to make sure that the remote is working along with the television. Try turning up the program that’s currently on using the volume buttons, or if you have never liked the presenter of that show, turn it over. It’s unlikely that you’ll have the problem if you’ve followed the instructions succinctly!
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Turn your TV and you-Verse receiver ON.
Take the you-Verse remote control, then do the following:

1. Press and hold the TV button,
2. While holding down the TV button, press the OK button, then release both buttons at the same time. All the buttons at the top of the remote should blink twice.
3. Then type in the number 1343.

After you type this number, the TV button should blink at the top of the remote.

Press the ATT button at the top of the remote to put the remote control back in the ATT mode, then press the Power button. Now the TV and you-Verse receiver should both turn off, and when on, you should be able to change the volume and channels using the you-Verse remote.

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