Why Create A Partition On A Disk?


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Partitioning a hard drive (hard disk) has multiple functions and benefits. On the outset it is done to increase the performance of a hard drive and make it more secure. Here are some of the benefits of creating multiple hard drive partitions:

1. To separate the system files from the user files and thus decrease the chance of corruption or accidental deletion of crucial system files.

2. To create and assign a separate area for virtual memory or swap memory, which if assigned correctly increases the read and write speed of a system

3. For creating multiple operating system boots sequences. Different partitions can be used for different operating systems like windows, Linux etc

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A different partition leads your single hard drive to act as multiple one. Your data gets secure. Like if your operating system gets corrupt and you have already partitioned the hard disk, then your data on the other partition will remain safe even if you format. More over it increases the computer's performance and brings accessibility to the user. A partition is created by fdisk in dos mode. But there is a software known as partition magic 7 which is more user friendly and windows based. Buy it read its manual you will come to know how to use it. Take care 
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Thank you for letting me know what I need to get so that I can get started on protecting my files. Thank you for taking the time to answer me.

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