Can You Play A Blue Ray Disk On A Regular Disk Player?


11 Answers

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pete bradley answered
No you can't ,cd and dvd machines use a red laser, blue ray[blue laser] discs wont be read by the red laser it will just keep saying "no disc "or "unreadable".
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Avinash Seedoo answered
No ,unfortunately it would never play. The blue ray disc plays only on new dvd players or the PS3. You should find the logo blue ray disc on the player supporting this format.
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t v answered
No you can not play Blu-ray in a standard dvd rom. Nor can you play HD DVD in a dvd-rom. If you could no one would want a Blu-rat player.
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Don't know but I tried putting blue-ray disc on my regular dvd player,,
n it worked..
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Wait when it worked did become in HD
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I have a sony home theatre model DAV FX 900w can I play a blue ray dvd in my player if it is possible what can I do

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