I Am Considering A Sylvania 42" LCD HDTV. Does Anyone Know Of Problems With This Brand?


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Please DO NOT and I repeat DO NOt buy it.  Mine went off after 7 months of purchase and the company only covers 90 day for parts and labor.  I found this up after one week worth of phone calls - about 12 hours of disputes.  They cover up to a year for parts but labor could cost you $75 / hour.  I didn't even bother fixing it.  I took it to the repair shop where Sylvania is contracted with but told then to recycle it for me.  I just lost my $500 I spent on this tv.  I will never buy any Sylvannia brand in the market.  

You're better off with Sharp or other well known brand eventhough they are more expensive.  It will save you money in the long run.
For $6.00 you get have a month of access to the Consumer Reports web site.  They are completely objective and have done recent in-depth analysis of the current LCD offerings.  I recommend you spend the $6 bucks and get a real expert's opinion.
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I've had one for less than a month, but thus far, at least, I consider it an excellent value. Picture needed some tweaking off the defaults, but the results were excellent. Very intuitive. Decent audio. I also have a Sony and a Samsung, and this matches in performance - way surpasses in value.
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Don' t buy one! We purchased one the day after Thanksgiving and within a month it was not working. 7 months later, two repairman, 12 hours worth of calls, 2 broken replacement sets and some of the worst "Customer Service" we still do not have a working TV set or a refund!
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If you want to control the tv with other remotes like cable TV or dish remote ...good luck !!
Other than that its a good tv for the price
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Sylvania 42" LCD TV is better because of its 1920 x 1080p
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