How To Download Music To Lg Tritan Phone?


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Well, I'm not for sure if you can transfer files directly from iTunes to your cell phone, but if you have music stored on your computer that you have downloaded elsewhere (i.e. LimeWire) in your My Music folder on your computer, you can copy the desired songs from in there.  After those files are copied, go to the Start Menu and click on "My Computer."  Then there should be a folder called "Removable Disk" (and then a letter after "Disk")  Click on that folder, and if you have your phone plugged in, you should be able to open a folder that is labeled something like "My Music" or "Music Player" (I'm not sure what it would be exactly) but click on there and then right click inside the empty white space and paste the songs that you copied earlier.  Next, unplug your the cable from your phone that is connecting it with your computer, and check the music folder on your phone to see if the music you pasted into the folder is on your phone.    I hope I helped some, and hopefully this works!

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