How Can I Check Someones Voicemail Without Calling Them?


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There are two ways to listen to any voicemail. This is to be on the cell phone that the voicemail is registered with and call the voicemail function or to call the voicemail number for the service provider and get into the voicemail this way.

You do not have to call the person that the voicemail is registered with.

You should, however, have a think about why you are listening to voice messages that are clearly not intended for you. If you had the right to listen to these, the person that owns the cell phone would let you listen, or the message would have been left for you too.

It is not honest to listen into private voice messages that are intended for someone else. You must know this person if you want to listen to their messages, so why not simply just ask them what messages they have saved? If they have nothing to hide or are a close friend, they could possibly tell you. This will save you sneaking around and will also prevent any fall outs if the owner of the voicemail finds out about this break in trust.

If you find yourself wanting to listen into the voice messages of another person, you probably have deeper trust issues with this individual and rather than listening to their messages you may wish to talk to them about the trust issues you have. You cannot learn to trust someone by doing something untrustworthy yourself.
Listening to personal messages can be seen as a breach of privacy and you could get into trouble for gaining unauthorized access to these messages.

I would advise against listening into the messages of another person and instead asking them for information if there was something you wish to know.

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