Tracfone T301g Charges You To Listen To Your Voice Messages Is There Any Way To Delete Them With Out Having To Pay Or Not Even To Listen To Them?


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I'm not positive about the tracfone, but normally, the charges you accrue is for the airtime used by retrieving your messages from your phone. If you access your voicemail from someone else's phone or a landline, listening to the messages should be free, and you can either delete them 1 by 1 as each message starts, or you may be able to go to your settings and select delete all messages or empty your mailbox.
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I have the same Tracfone. I can use my home phone to call the voice mail number and listen to and delete messages without having any air time minutes deducted.
To find your voice mail box number, press and hold the #1 button for about 3 seconds.
Look very quickly because the number will only be displayed for a short time.

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