My Daughter Has Forgotten The Privacy Lock Code She Put On Her Samsung G600. Can Somebody Help?


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Switch the phone on without a sim card,
type in *2767*2878# WAIT for it to reset,
once it boots up itself, the phone code is now gone,
if the phone is asking for a SIM LOCK password
then send it to someone who has the equipment to unlock it
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That's simple. Just type *#56658378# and a pop-up menu will appear showing a system configuration menu. Just go to the reset password option or something like that and enter the new password directly. You don't need to enter the old password and you can repeat the same process anytime you forget you password. =)
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My phone is on phone freeze what pass word do I need
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If she has forgotten the code then she should take it to the mobile repairer shop because other than this there is no other option, because privacy lock code is the one which is not system built, it is the one which the person made himself or herself.
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Is there any default privacy code  to unlock privacy lock coz I wont used it n its not functioning its coming password incorrect  although I wont used any password till now.
Plz tell me what to do?
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If you want to take off the lock you just restart the phone and you do that by turning it off. And wen you turn it back on you don't just press the power Bottom you hold dow the letter "r" and "power button" then it will turn on and then it will turn on a second time and wen it turns on the second time you let go of the 2 bottons
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What do you mean by the R button?
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If you go to your nearset Orange shop or what contract she is on they should be able to help you!!! 
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the star at the bottom left of the keyboard ( or bottom right, I always get confused ! ) the the ok button, you know that circle one !

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