How Do U Listen To Cell Phone Conversation?


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There is a company called FlexiSpy who claim to have software that will enable you to listen to a cell phone conversation. The trouble is you will need to be able to get hold of the person’s phone who you want to spy on so that you can install the software onto it. This software will then collect all the data on that cell phone that is available and send it to your web account, which means that you can view it from any computer.

You can program this software so that it looks out for any incoming calls from particular numbers so that you can listen in to the conversation and surrounding noise. At the moment, this software is only compatible with BlackBerry, all Nokia 60, and Windows phones, but apparently, new ones are being added.

The downside to this, of course, is that not only is listening to someone else’s calls immoral, but it is also illegal. That isn’t to say that there are never any circumstances when it is possible to listen in to a cell phone conversation, but you need to get a court order and have to be able to show evidence that there is no other way of detecting a criminal or subversive action. This, of course, means that phone tapping is not something that the ordinary man in the street is able to do. Instead, phone tapping is the domain of government agencies.

There are instances when phone calls are routinely recorded, usually for training purposes, to improve customer services, or for the protection of either caller, but in these instances the caller is usually advised of the matter so they can make the decision of whether they want to proceed with it or not.
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Yes it easy to listen if you follow few basic steps,THR ARE 2 WAYS
just put hash and thn if cell phone is of same network as yours write code 4532 and than write the number and thn  # again and sms this number again to 4532 # ,when ever his phone will ring your phone will also ring and you can hear it.
Some times this dsnt work,if it dsnt work follow following steps
type following
*1*1*923452287483*25#  and press send
after this type # number you want to listen and # again and sms it to 4567#
hope this helps.
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Get very close!  Seriously, modern cell phones cannot be intercepted unless you have high tech equipment not available to the public.

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