How Do I Change Keyboard Back From Tenkey On Laptop?


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I had the same problem.  Hold the "fn" and "num lock" at the same time.
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There's usually a special key somewhere around the top of the keyboard that locks the keyboard into num-pad mode. It might be a combination of your 'Fn' key and one of the 'F' keys along the top, or it might just the the 'Num Lock' / 'Num Lk' key.

If this doesn't help, tell me what model of laptop you have and I'll find out for you.
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I have the same problem. HP Pavilion dv2130us. I do not even know how I turned the ten key function on let alone turn it off. HP told me I could send it in and they would fix it for $300. That kind off customer service will assure the fact that I will never buy a HP again. Please help.

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