What Are Examples Of Computer Data Ware?


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Computer data ware is a type of database that is designed to support business needs and make things run more smoothly. They are designed to make the customer service side of operations more efficient and can increase staff productivity.

Some examples of computer data ware may include the following:

• A system where customer orders can be managed more effectively. Customers will be able to log on to check the progress of their order and staff will be able to update it with details such as when it was dispatched for instance. This will make things easier on an operational scale too as it will be clear to see who has had their order and who hasn't.

• Customer locations could be managed on a system where you can clearly see where they live. This could be designed on a map based system for example. This could be useful when working out logistical matters such as planning deliveries or sourcing suppliers.

• A system to manage stock levels may come in useful. Rather than having to spend hours physically counting stock by hand, a database could be set up to keep track of stock levels in correspondence with customer orders and sales for example.

• Accounts could be set up in a database system too. This makes finding specific transaction details easier to find and drawing up invoices and statements will also become easier. This could also assist with bulk invoicing.
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It is a collection of  historical data
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It is a collection of Data stored in a computer.

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