What Are The Examples Of Computer Ethics?


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Examples of computer ethics are computer usage in the workplace, crime and computers, privacy and anonymity and professional responsibility. Computer ethics are a group of ways in which ethical norms and traditions are put to the test and manipulated in terms of computer technology. With computers, came a massively increased power of communication and in turn, new ethical debates and controversies. Ethics are concerned generally with codes and rules of behavior, which are much more difficult to note and regulate in regards to computer usage.

There have been many extreme abuses in computer technology, such as hacking websites and users, credit card thief and online harassment. Given the general anonymity of the internet, it is also difficult to discover who is behind the crimes and some go unpunished. This makes ethics clearly very difficult to enforce online. The majority of cases, however, are much less dramatic and occur with even the most law-abiding citizen. Cases become much more worrying when they come into contact with businesses and private information.

Given that computers play such a huge role in our lives, it is always worrying for a consumer to put their bank details online and you should always be sure that the website is trustworthy before you start filling in any forms. Some websites are hoaxes and will send your bank details on to scammers, who will hack into your account and take your money from you, usually in large sums. Some websites have a padlock sign to show that any information that is entered remains safe from hackers, to the best of the website's ability.

Always be careful online, you never know who has access to your information. Make sure that you refrain from entering too much information about yourself on social networking sites to avoid identity theft.
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