What Are Examples Of Hybrid Computers?


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Three examples of the hybrid computer would be the large electronic computer system, the general purpose hybrid computer and the special purpose hybrid computer.

Hybrid computers are computer systems that contain both digital and analog devices, so that each of these properties can be utilized to the maximum advantage.

For example, an analog and a digital computer will be able to be interconnected to allow the transference of data between them. The analog component acts as the 'solver' and computes differential equations. Digital components behave like a controller and provide logical operations.

  • Large electronic computer system
This kind of hybrid computer system had scores of operational amplifiers and was already being utilized as early as the beginning of the 1960s through to the middle of the 1980s. This system solved extensive and extremely complex sets of various differential equations (or mathematical models) for example, human immune-suppressive systems, the control system for the food processing plant, exothermic chemical reaction dynamics, and the six degree of freedom space flight.

  • Special purpose hybrid computer
This kind of hybrid computer has the ability to solve many categories of problems and to be able to utilize different applications. Many of these hybrid computers used to be purpose systems. They were either a part-time hybrid computer where the outcome was achieved at relative speed or they were an operation computer that utilized high speed.

  • Special purpose hybrid computer
This type of hybrid computer contains fixed programs that permit no adjustments or only a few. Generally, these computers are built into a physical system where they will typically serve as a results analyzer, function controller or subsystem simulator.

As an example, the pneumatic computers use flapper nozzles and air bellows to generate precise square root, squaring, division or multiplication functions of any input signals.
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Radar is the example of hybrid computer
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The computers which are in the hospitals to measure heart beat are hybrid computers
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Example of a Hybrid Computer System

An example of a hybrid computer system is a cement plant where all calculations are made by digital systems (digital computers) and accordingly action such ass increase of certain material in the furnace and increase/decrease of fuel for temperature is performed by the help of analog system.

· Gas Pump Station (where measurement of gas by analog system, and displaying such calculation by digital system (computer).

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