What Are The Drawing Examples Of Data Processing Cycle?


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The 'drawing examples' of a data processing cycle show the method of information being processed as a series of steps. These steps are:

• The input of data. This involves information being entered into a computer, and is often done manually. For instance, this could be information inputted into a word processor program. Alternatively, it could be information gathered via an online survey, or paperwork scanned into the computer.
• The processing of the data. This step involves complex operations by the computer software. Certain types of software may need to be installed onto a computer in order for different types of data to be processed. The computer must also have the free capacity to perform these operations.
• The output of the data. This is the part of the data processing cycle at which the results of the processing are presented. The final results here represent the whole purpose of the process. One type of output data is information put onto paper via a printer; for instance, a person may input all the work they have done in the week in order to print of a timetable of their activities. Output data could also do online.
• The storage of the data. This involves the data being saved in its final form in a digital format. For this step to take place a computer must have sufficient free memory; more complex data in larger quantities requires more memory space. Data can be stored onto disk space, flash memory or in tertiary storage. In most cases, the computer itself will dictate where information will be stored. Data can also be transferred onto external storage devices such as memory sticks, for back-up and transfer to other computer systems.
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Examples of this process as all " drawings " here would be crude in the extreme.

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