What Are The Types Of Data Processing Operation?


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There are five forms of data processing operations which include recording, verifying, duplicating, sorting, and finally summarizing and reporting.

1. The first form of the operation is recording, which involves the transmission of facts into permanent hierarchies or files.
2. The second type, verifying, deals with the accurate scrutiny of recorded data to avoid any mistakes. 
3. Third, duplication involves redistributing information from documents or records into various copies or files.
4. Fourth, sorting refers to bringing back the information together in a brand-new format, and there are some numerical and alphabetical approaches which can be used.
5. Finally, all of the information is summarised in a way that concludes the significant data presented.

Data processing is used by computers in order to transfer the data into a usable form which the computer will use to carry out instructions. The data referred to here is limited to a set of letters, numbers, words, or unrecognizable facts and the whole processing system is what helps the computer understand these details into something constructive and useful.

There are many various processes involved which a computer uses to make sense of the data, although they can be generally categorized into these five processes. A computer will locate the information which is required to be processed, captures it through the manual input of data by a person, and the information is manipulated through the use of software. This is followed by the output of the process in the form desired by a computer's users, which allows the raw data inputted to be displayed, analyzed, researched, or used. The various processes involved from beginning to end can vary depending on the computer, the end user, the data, and the software.

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