Define Data Processing? What Activities Are Involved In Data Processing?


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The main types of data processing are recording information, analyzing information, calculations using data, storing data and sorting information into specific orders.

Data processing is any process that computer programs use to convert the data to be able to be run on a computer. The systems involve conversions of raw data into information that can be run and read on a computer. The raw data normally takes the form of program speech that can only be read and understood by those who input the information in the first place.

The data, once converted, can be used for a variety of different processes. Information that is recorded on computers is done so in a variety of ways, and most of this information contains some sort of formula that is required for the information to be able to be recognized by a computer.

The process by which the information is made readable on a computer is called encoding or decoding. Encoding takes place when the information is initially entered and the information is decoded when the information is accessed. Both encoding and decoding are essentially the conversion of data to enable functions to be run on a computer. Hardware data processing systems use the information therein to change the appearance of the information on the computer; the unit is separate from a computer's central processing unit that enables the computer to run.

Software data processing systems assist the computer in completing the functions it needs to run. This is a piece of software that can be sent to any system, and is also not directly linked to the computer processing system.
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1)List and discuss atleast 10 date processing activitias known to you.
2)Differentiate clearly between data processing and management information
3)Trace the histroy of computer in data processing
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The process of manipulating data is achieving the required objectives and results are called data processing.
Activities in data processing
Following activities involved in data processing
Data Capturing
The procedure of record the data in some form is called data capturing. Data is captured before it can be processed. Data may be recorded on source documents. Data can also be given directly to the computer through input devices.
Data manipulating
The process of applying different operations on data is called data manipulation. The following operations can be performed on data
The process of organizing data into classes or group is called classifying.
The method of applying arithmetic operations on data is called calculations.
The process in which data is arranged in a logical sequence is called sorting.
The reducing of large amount of data in a more concise and usable form is called summarizing.
Managing Output Result
Following activities are involved in data managing output result
In which retaining data for future use is called data storage.
Accessing or fetching the stored data is called retrieval of data.
The transferring of data from one location to another location is called communication.
Copying or duplicating data is called reproduction of data.
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The types of data processing are
manual data processing
manual mechanical data processing
electronic data processing
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Computer data processing is any process that uses a computer program to enter
and summarise, analyse or otherwise convert data into usable information.
The process may be automated and run on a computer.
It involves recording, analysing, sorting, summarising, calculating,
disseminating and storing data. Because data is most useful when
well-presented and actually informative, data-processing systems
are often referred to as information systems. Nevertheless, the
terms are roughly synonymous, performing similar conversions;
data-processing systems typically manipulate raw data into information,
and likewise information systems typically take raw data as input to
produce information as output.
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There are two types of data processing:
1) Batch Processing
2) Online/Immediate Processing
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A computer process that simply have to change the data into information and meaningful knowledge. The processing in most of cases is supposed to be automated or executing on a computer. As data are most helpful when well-presented and in fact informative, data-processing systems are often referred to as the information systems to emphasize their practicality. Nonetheless, both of the terms are roughly synonymous, performing alike conversions; data-processing systems characteristically manipulate raw data into information, and similarly information systems typically take raw data as an input to produce information as output.

In general, the term data processing can simply be applied to any process that converts the data from one format to another format, although the data conversion would be the more logical and correct term. From this viewpoint, the data processing becomes a process of converting the information into the data and also the converting of data back into information. The only difference is that the conversion doesn't require a question or query to be answered. The light, etc. are converted by human observers into electrical signals in the nervous system as the senses we recognize as touch, sound, or vision.

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