What Is The Major Difference Between Ms Access And Excel When Entering Data?


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We live in an age that is completed dominated by technology of different types, it is literally present in almost every aspect of our lives and it can sometimes be rather confusing. Possibly the most confusing area is computing. There are so many different kinds of software available on the present market and so many new ones constantly being produced, that it is often hard to actually keep track of what software does what and of course what the best one is for you to purchase and use. Microsoft is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and definitely one of the most successful producers of software in recent years and they have manufactured vast amounts of impressive products. Microsoft Office is definitely one of their most impressive products and has proven to be an extremely popular one over the years. Two products within this package are MS Excel and MS Access, what most people do not know is the differences between the two. MS Access is a database for storing information. The data will be stored in various different rows and columns depending on the type of data that you are storing; a set of data is referred to as a record in this program. MS Excel is not a database but a spreadsheet program. This is a fantastic program for simple to advanced stocktaking, running small businesses and even planning and organizing salary calculations. MS Excel is a fantastic piece of software that can be extremely useful in many small business situations.
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Ms access and ms-excel are both used for databases
but ms-access is more power ful than ms-excel

Both are for different purposes
1)MS-Access has rdbms concept but ms-excel doesn't.
2)Ms-excel is used for calculation and making graphs etc but in access we don't  have such a facility;
3)We have a table in access but in excel we have sheets
however it is possible to transfer data between excel and access .
Moreover ms-access has a relational concept for making relationship between tables.
Access is mainly for handling databases not for calculation.
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Excel cannot easily be shared
Excel is not scalable (limited rows)
Access can do calculations (incorrect above) in forms, reports and queries
Excel has limited validation rules
Excel is limited in forms and reporting in comparison to Excel
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Before knowing the difference between MS Excel and MS Access you must know that both of these application softwares are developed by Microsoft Corporation, in addition to these Microsoft Office packages include MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS FrontPage MS Outlook. All of this software has different usability and functions.

MS Access, in fact is a database that is used to store data in the form of tables, here the data inside the table is stored in the form of columns and rows and one complete set of data is called a record. In Ms Access you can query the database and can see only your required data in the form of Reports (A printable format containing the result of query).

Now looking at MS excel, it not a database but it is something more technically known as a spreadsheet, it is a perfect software for maintaining the data on a limited scale, it should be used for small organization salary calculations, and for some research analysis comparison Ms Excel is the right software. MS Excel contains rows as columns, and the area where every row and column intersects is known as "cell". Ms Excel also provides the solution for automatic formula calculation and has features like sorting, data forms, formatting and many useful features for home and commercial inventory and accounts management.
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Microsoft access is a relational database management system, and excel is a spreadsheet. Excel is used for calculation and making graphs etc but in access we have not such type of facility.Excel can handle numerical data and run equations. Access capable of doing so, but that is not the function of access. Access is mainly for handling database. Excel is available in the Home, student and professional packages, but access is included only in professional.
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I have a question ... Is there a way to make Access Predict the words just like in Excel?
Thank You.
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Although both have database functions, let me first inform you that MS Access is a record-specific while MS Excel is file-specific when it comes to handling their respective records.  When entering data in MS Access only few records are concurrently available to the user, while in MS Excel the whole data set is presented to the user.
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One important different is that a well established Access program allows user to enter the same piece of data only once, and reuse the data elsewhere. Although you can use VBA and some automation features in Excel, for most users, they are doing copy and paste everywhere in order to cruch the data into the expected formats for different purposes.

Nevertheless, people choose to use Excel because it's easy and they seems that they can control everything in a spreadsheet. In view of this, Bau DB is a true database tool that's as easy to use as a spreadsheet. It bridges Access and Excel together to provide both ease and power at the same time. It's

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Excel is more awesome. Well, stats is better on Excel. Large volumes of data is better on Access.

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