Why Are Computers Used In Banks?


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Computers are used almost everywhere these days as an easy and efficient way to store data.
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Reasons are as follows:
A)Prompt service
b)To ensure correctness
c)Cost effective
d)Better service
e)Easy to maintain relationship with other banks and concerned institutions
d)enables the banking authority to maintain better relationship among the staffs
f)Ensures practically round the clock service
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Many of the important operations have to go through the registry of the global bank, that is why the use of the computer in that case, I understand that they cannot see if it is forex trading profitable , because that does not correspond to them or rather not yet. They have that interest in managing that type of market.

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The computer is used for all kind of services, it's very important for the bank with registered and many of other things.

In fact, we have to thank the person who have invented it, help us a lot of conveniences. How a inventer he is.

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