What Are The Basic Requirements For Connecting A Computer To Internet?


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Internet is types of Wide Area Network (WAN) and collection of networks of networks. Internet span globe almost throughout 150 countries. For connecting computer to the Internet five basic things are required. These are modem, Telephone Line, Web Browsing Software, Internet Connection and Internet Service Provider (ISP). Computer is a digital machine; any information which a computer handles must be expressed in digits or numbers. Telephone lines are designed to carry analog signals but if computer wants to send data to another computer through the telephone wire then it will not be possible because computer will send data in the form of digital signals. For solving this problem modem is used. Modem converts the analog signals into digital signals and digital signal into analog signal.
Telephone cables are an essential component. We connect one computer's modem to the other computer's modem through a telephone cable. Web browsing software is a program which let us view and explores information on internet. Examples of web browsing softwares are Internet Explorer, Netscape etc. Internet connection is use to provide internet facilities. Without internet connection, we cannot open any website. To access internet from our compute, we need a account with an internet service provider (ISP).
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Before a few years, you were able to browse the internet only using a computer. However, things have changed a lot over the years and you can connect to the internet using a smartphone or a tablet. It has become really easy for you to connect a laptop to the internet making use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  The connection can be established very easily in the case of a laptop. But, if you are trying to connect a personal computer to the internet, you will need a modem, LAN cable, and a working service from an internet provider in your area.

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You need to have Modem for the Computer to connect with an Internet and after that you have to take the fastest providing Internet connection to connect with Internet.
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You must have the hardware, transport medium, and the software. (very basic answer.)
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You got to have the right ethernet driver installed on your PC, a ethernet cord, the modem provided by your Internet Service Provider, and the software CD (optional)

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