How To Assemble A Printer?


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There are some easy steps to assemble printer.
If you have laser printer then leave the space for the ventilation around the printer, while for the ink jet printer there is not need any ventilation ,you can place your printer at any place.

In the first step to assemble the printer first of all shut down your computer, but leave the system plugged. Then unpack the printer pack and place the printer at some near place to the pc .Then attach the printer cable to the pc printer port either its 25 –pin parallel cable or the USB port cable.

Then connect the other end of the cable of the printer at the printer port.
Then plug the power cable of the printer to the switch board.
Then turn on your printer.
Then according to the printer manual install the printer cartridges.
Then cover the printer cover.
Then start your pc.
Then there is cd came with the printer and in which the printer installing setup is given and also the manual is given to install the printer software ,so install the printer software according to the manual.
You can also install the printer via add new hardware in the control panel.
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Assembling a printer can be very easy. Remove all the components present inside the package. It would contain the printer, USB cable, power cable, installation CD, instructor's manual and the ink cartridges (black and colour).

The power cable is connected to the back of the printer and the other connected to the wall socket. One end of the USB cable is connected to the computer and the other end is connected to the printer. Once the computer is started, if you have Windows XP, at the taskbar you would an indicator showing "Found New Hardware". Now, put the installation disc inside the CD-ROM and start installation of the printer software. After the installation, you will have to change certain settings such as alignment of paper, margins, colour depth, etc.

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