Where's The Elite Four's House On Pokemon Platinum?


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Past sunny shore city up north
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Go in voctory road the youll have to make it through the floors the surf then water fall then your there then the ace trainer person scans your badges the he lets you through I hope I helped you
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First of all, you will need seven gym badges
1. Go to Sunyshore City
2. Defeat Gym Leader Volkner (that will get you the eighth badge)
3. Go down to the ground
4. Go left/right until you see a straight path
5. Head to that path
6. You should suddenly see your friend ( wears orange and has yellow hair)
7. He will talk to you, when you're finished, talk to the girl who is standing near you
8. She will give you HM Waterfall
9. Then open the menu
10. Select "bag"
11. Select TMs & HMs
12. Go down until you see Waterfall
13. Select it
14. A small box will appear. Select use
15. It will say "Booted up an HM
16. Then it will say "It contained Waterfall"
17. Next it will say "Teach Waterfall to a Pokemon?"
18. Select "yes"
19. Pick one of your Pokemon to teach it Waterfall
20. You can now use Waterfall
21. Surf on the water (find your way thorugh too)
22. If you went the right way, you will see a waterfall
23. Go up to the waterfall and press the "a" button
24. They will ask you if you want to use the move Waterfall
25. Select "yes"
26. Your Pokemon will take you up the Waterfall
27. Next, surf until you get ot land
28. Press the "a" button and you will get off your Pokemon
29. Go into the Pokemon League, which is ahead of you
30. Go straight. You should then see a man
31. Talk to him and he will check if you have all the Sinnoh Badges which are the eight badges you've got
32. He will let you in after he scans your badges

That's all! Sorry if I had too many steps or can't understand :(

Thank you!
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PAst victory road
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First get the eighth badge then get the hm waterfall the go noth of sunyshore city and your there
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After beating volkner, just make your way to the sea, located in sunyshore. Use surf, after reaching the victory road, just make your way out, and use waterfall, TADA!! Theres the pokemon league

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