How Can I Beat The Elite Four In Pokemon Diamond?


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I have a way AND it's rather EASY! First I would have to take AWAY Dialga, Empoleon is your Steel Type and, to be honest, Dialga isn't the best dragon to use in the Elite Four. So I suggest you add to your team:


Poison Jab
Petal Dance
Magical Leaf


Fire Blast


Brick Break
Dragon Claw


Ice Fang
Fire Blast
Dragon Pulse
Aqua Tail


Iron Tail
So, I painstakingly constructed this team and movesets to battle the Elite Four. So here is the way to use it:

Strategy for Aaron:

1. Use Empoleon’s Drill Peck/rapidash on  
2. Use Gyarados’s Fire Blast or Luxray on Beautifly.
3. Use Rapidash for Heracross.
4. Use Gyarados’s Fire Blast on Vepspiquen.
5. Use Empoleon’s Earthquake on Drapion.

Strategy for Bertha:

1. Use Roserade on Quagsire.
2. Use Roserade on Sudowoodo.
3. Use Gyarados to wither Whiscash.
4. Use Gyarados’s Aqua Tail or Roserade on Golem.
5. Use Gyarados’s Aqua Tail or Roserade on Hippowdon.

Strategy for Flint:

1. Use Empoleon’s Surf on Rapidash.
2. Use Crunch or Luxray on Drifblim.
3. Use Empoleon’s Surf on Steelix.
4. Use Physical moves on Lopunny.
5. Use Garchomp on Infernape.

Strategy for Lucian:

1. Use Crunch on all her Pokemon but Bronzong.
2. Use Gyarados’s Fire Blast on Bronzong.

Strategy for Cynthia:

1. Use Garchomp on Spiritomb.
2. Use Gyarados’s Fire Blast on Lucario.
3. Use Roserade on Gastrodon.
4. Use Luxray’s Spark on Milotic.
5. Use Rapidash/Empoleon’s Ice Beam on Roserade.
6. Use Gyarados’s Ice Fang/Dragon Pulse/Empoleon's Ice Beam on Garchomp.

I used pokemon that would either 1HKO/2HKO the Pokemon or not be weak against that Pokemon. I also assigned moves to cover the Elite Four, so kick some butt!
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You have to get all your pokemon to level 100 that worked for me my team infernape luxray giratina floatzel garchomp dialga hope it helps
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Always have super effective attacks for bug pokemon, ghost pokemon, fire pokemon and ground pokemon. Also carry hyper potions, elixer, and full restores. Also you must have at least 4 or 5 strong pokemon and not just 2.

Good luck and I hope this helps!!! ;)
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You will need a level 72 dialga level 70 palkia level 73 garchomp level 73 infernape level 71
staraptor and a rapidash level 71-72. A good pokemon leage team level should be 65/75.this is
the way I'm doin' it ,so you don't have to follow my rules.
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You need to get Empoleon and Dialga to level 60 and train a grass type to level 55+, fire type to level 52+, Ghost type to level 55+, and any pokemon with good defense/hp to level 40+.

My team: Infernape level 57
Roserade level 55
Floatzel level 55
Dialga level 59
Gengar level 58
Snorlax level 46

Items: 30 hyper potions
20 revives
15 full heals
15 full restores
10 max potions

Items left over: 11 hyper potions
8 revives
10 full heals
3 full restores
9 max potions
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I beat the Elite Four the first time around with the following pokemon:
Lv. 51 Dialga
lv. 50 Machamp
lv. 50 Staraptor
lv. 53 Torterra
lv. 51 Empoleon
lv. 50 Raichu
Make sure you know which types are super effective against theirs so you can take them out quickly. Also be sure to heal after each battle, and don't be skimpy on revives, super/hyper potions ect.
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Get pokemon up to at least level 60 to win
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First of all you need to level up your pokemon to level lets say 60-65 then you have a gud chance of takeing em on  trust me I tried takin em on wif pokemon lvl 40 to 50 and they still wuped me hope this helps gud luck
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You should have most of the Pokemon in your party at Level 60 to have a good chance to beat the elite four. Just two Pokemon won't do it.
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I made it all the way to the end (the campion cant remember her name) with a level 53 Empleo, a 52 Dialga and a 52 Allakhazam. (I did use over 15 Revives) but i still made it. I also had a 32 Roselia, 34 Staraptor and a 32 Machamp, the champ faks me up tho she has a counter type for all of my pokemon types, ATM my Roselia is 41, My Stamp is 35 and Machamp is 34 and i get her spiritomb dead then she pulverises all my other pokemon! Any idea what i should change my Machamp for my GF says its horrible
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You have to have a lot of very good pokemon like Dialga and palkia and Giratina and Frosslass and Purugly and skunk tank and all on LV.100
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For the first elite use fire or flying type. . Second elite water,grass and ice type. . Third elite water and ground type. .  Fourth elite dark or ghost type. . Cynthia(champion). . It is a mix. .
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I used a level 81:empoleon,level 79 palkia or diagle,level 75:starraptor or garchomp that knows arial ace and thats how I beat the elite four hope this helps
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You can go to and go to games then click on the game you hae and there will be a walkthrough
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I beat it in two minutes. It's easy just use your pokemons best move and use hyper potions from the poke mart.

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