What Is The Difference Between Quality Assurance And Quality Control In Software?


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In today's competitive environment,companies are intensely concerned with the quality of their products and services. A successful organization constantly must improve quality in every area,including its information systems. Top management must provide the leadership,encouragement and support need for high quality IT resources. In short quality is needed every where. Both Quality Control and Quality assurance in software relates to 4th stage of system development called Implementation stage. A difference between quality control and assurance is provided below:

Quality Control in Software:
In software, quality control means to develop systems in such a way that they
are manufactured to meet or exceed the customer's requirements.These systems are often developed in combination with other engineering and business disciplines using a cross-functional approach.

Quality assurance in software:
No matter how carefully a system is designed and implemented,problems
can occur,especially in complex system. Rigorous testing catches errors in the implementation stage,but is much less expensive to correct mistakes earlier in the development process. The main purpose of quality assurance is to avoid problems or to detect them as soon as possible. Poor quality can result from inaccurate requirements,design problems,coding errors,faulty documentation and ineffective testing.
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Quality Assurance is involved in a products ENTIRE PROCESS from the design stage, materials selection, prototyping, manufacturing (work processes, employee training, tools, inspecting etc...).

Quality Control is merely inspecting a certain number (either a percentage or possibly the entire lot) of a product and grading the lot by the number of defects found.

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The distinctions between quality assurance and quality control possess the same meanings in software as in all other areas of life. The word quality denotes traits, which are positive or negative; good or poor or acceptable or unacceptable, in the process of providing services, for which they are designed.

When a company or an individual pays for something they expect the service or material object to do what the provider, designer, developer and manufacturer states they will do. In software the designer, architect, developer and manufacturer guarantees the product will provide the services the purchaser expects of the software. Software is designed to work with existing systems to simplify and improve the work and efficiency of a company.

The goal of quality assurance is to build the software according to the known needs of those who will use the software. Therefore, everyone involved from the beginning to end of production works to create and develop the best product possible. Continually testing the software to guarantee it will do all it is expected to do.

Quality control rests with those responsible for the provision of software with a guarantee, the materials used in the production of the software is the very best material. Therefore, topnotch programmers and testers or in demand by software companies. To control something is to set and hold all responsible, to specific, stated standards. Quality control is aimed at controlling costs, wihile providing top notch services and goods. In this case the product is top quality software with equitable pricing.
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Quality Assurance is the function of software quality that assures that the standards, processes, and procedures are appropriate for the project and are correctly implemented.

Quality Control is the function of software quality that checks that the project follows its standards, processes, and procedures, and that the project produces the required internal and external (deliverable) products.

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Quality Assurance is a set of activities for ensuring quality in the processes by which products are developed.

Quality control is a set of activities for ensuring quality in products. The activities focus on identifying defects in the actual products produced.

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