What is the relationship between meeting customer requirements and quality management for a company like Ball?


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For a company like Ball, meeting customer requirements while keeping quality management levels high is something the company places a lot of importance on. Due to recent difficulties caused by the economic recession, the company has looked at ways it can improve its production efficiencies, its safety records and maintain its core values.

The main priorities for Ball Corporation include:

• Taking feedback from stakeholders and partners on board, the company has focused on sustainability.

• As part of this focus it has pledged to make packaging lighter, make energy and water consumption more efficient, reduce waste, make the workplace safer and implement a 'people strategy' within the workforce.

• The company hopes to continue making the staff feel valued and focuses on the fundamental role they play in the everyday operational role of the company.

While focusing on the above mentioned examples the company hopes to improve the level of quality and standards within the workforce and this in turn will improve the company image and brand in the eyes of the customer.

Of course, the customer still needs value for money products that are kind to the environment and that are delivered with excellent levels of customer service. By adhering to all its goals mentioned above, while upholding its core values, the corporation holds to achieve this commitment to its customer base.

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